Andrea, I just got the call that I booked one of the Swissair attendants in ARGO!  Yay!!!  We did it!!!  They loved the accent, said to keep it just the same as how I did it in the audition.  Thank you so much for your help.  - Annie Little, Actress.

Smith, Emmett, and Peterson have their accents down pat and are in total commitment to what script and director have them doing. Dale Reynolds, Stagehappenings.com.  (Review of "Someone Who'll Watch Over Me" at The Group Rep.

A few previous and regular clients:

The Group Rep                                

The SeaGlass Theatre Company 

The Long Beach Playhouse           

The 24th St. Theatre                        

The USC School of Theatre      

Loyola Marymount University

Dialect Coaching for individuals and entire theatrical casts, either in person or via Skype for individuals if more convenient.   Sessions are recorded for the client's benefit and if necessary supplemental materials are provided for additional information.   Physicality of sound is emphasized, so that the client can feel the sound changes rather than rely solely on "having an ear" for a dialect which at times, may be unreliable.   Most people who feel they can't learn a new dialect are concerned about their inability to hear the new sounds.  When a person can feel where the tongue is placed, or how open or closed the jaw is, he or she will find that they are, in fact, able to actually do what they may or may not hear. 

"I thank you for your voices, thank you. Your most sweet voices." - William Shakespeare, Coriolanus